How to remove Sync clients button


Could someone let me know how can I remove the Sync client button on the personal area in Nextcloud 13. This is confusing my users…


I don’t mind edit the php file or html file but I cannot find what file is.

I know in nc12 it was uncer /setting/templates/personal.php and in this php you can remove directly the part of the code you do not want…but now in nc 13 everithinh has changed…

please help.

Thanks in advance

nobody knows how to do it??

Maybe @nickvergessen or @juliushaertl

thanks Andy, i’ll see if they can say something.


Those buttons are added by the firstrunwizard app.

Can I remove it? at least do not show it to the users…


just deactivate this app from your admin-account under apps

i can not believe it!! i’ve been a long time checking the code…and i did not check this!!

thank you very much