How to remove some options from our limited users

Nextcloud version 12

Hello team,

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction on how to achieve a request from one of our clients.

We are using Nextcloud v. 12 in our office. With the exception of the owners of this company…the rest of the employees in the office do not have the ability to add their own apps and will not ever connect their mobile devices to the office Nextcloud. All employees also are not allowed to install and use the desktop app either and have been instructed to use the web interface. The reason for these strict requirements is because we’ve implemented onlyoffice with our Nextcloud and all Word and Excel docs are edited directly in our browser. Now that we can fully do all our work directly in Nextcloud we have no need to download files for editing. I’d like direction from the Nextcloud community on how I can achieve the following for our limited users:

  • Remove the Apps buttons in each of our users Personal. They will only be using their web browser for their daily work. We do not need to have these apps in their Nextcloud. Ideally I would like to remove these buttons for our limited users and keep these buttons for the owners to see (as they may want to have the ability to install apps or use the Desktop Sync).
  • Why does everyone have the option to add an App password if they don’t have the option to add Apps? I would like to remove this box/section from all our users except for the owners (where the owners do have the ability to add/remove apps).

Thank you.

An app password is nothing to do with apps an admin can add/remove, it would be a 3rd party sync client asking for a username/password in order to sync. On Android for example I could ditch the Nextcloud app in favour of Synchronise Ultimate, but as I don’t trust the developer of that app as much as I do the devs of Nextcloud, I’d generate a 1-time password for that external app which I can revoke at any time, thus keeping my normal password hidden.

It’s still something you don’t want there of course given your users aren’t allowed to use clients, but all the same.

It’s possible to disable the first-run Wizard, but I don’t see any options to remove the functionality you’re requesting from the admin interface.

Perhaps @jospoortvliet might know.

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Appreciate the reply @JasonBayton,

I realize I’m probably asking for something that may not have an easy fix too. Perhaps now that I’ve raised this in the forum Nextcloud Dev Team would consider allowing tweaks like I’m looking for so that we may create an interface that truly gives our limited users only what they need. The implementation of onlyoffice (and I’m assuming the same can be said for Collabora) really opens up for us a lot of possibilities on how we can use Nextcloud in our office. Using onlyoffice really means we have no need for downloading, or connecting our Nextcloud to a desktop sync client (not for all users…but for our limited users at least).

I’ll await to see what @jospoortvliet says about my ideas. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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There are no options for this, right now it would require editing the source or (probably better) creating an app which would hide these buttons and features. I’m not aware of a way to disable at least the app password ability.

Honestly, I’m not sure how useful this is for a wide range of users. If you’d be a customer paying for a bit of consulting we would be able to make these changes but I doubt we would include it in the product - you’d get a custom app or something.


Hello @jospoortvliet, appreciate the reply.

I totally agree that my use case(s) I keep bring up are most likely unique. Although with apps like Collabora and onlyoffice allowing us Nextcloud users the ability to stay within Nextcloud and not have to download/sync files to and from Nextcloud my customization’s to Nextcloud would benefit more than just us…but that’s not a solution Nextcloud needs to provide through Official Apps.

I did not realize that Nextcloud provided consulting to assist with custom solutions? I see where I can purchase a subscription for our usecases I don’t think we need that much support. Where can I find more information about getting this type of paid for solution service to help us put in some specific app(s) to give us the solutions we need.

Thank you.

We only provide consulting to customers, generally speaking. It is best to ask sales - sent in an inquiry via the website: