How to remove guests from add-on guests

I installed an add-on called guests which has created a mess on the installation. The solution is not to disable the add-on. I would like to learn how to work with it properly, but I cannot find any way to delete or remove the guest role. When going to settings, guests, we have a list of guests but there is not an option to remove guests. To remove a user from a group it does not remove it from guests either. This add-on should be forbidden ASAP
The documentation does not explain anything on the use of this add-on

Look in the user list for all users.

I understand you are a beginner. I am looking for a solution. Start by creating a guest user before replying

Are you? Your posts don’t sound like you’re looking for help, more like you just want to vent your frustration here. If you expect help in a voluntary user forum, maybe you should try to be a little nicer. It might increase the chance that someone will try to help you…

Thank you for your help, our great team solved this matter by ourselves, not certainly due to your input

Cool. So the addon can stay in the App Store and doesn’t have to get banned?

I guess we are all lucky then… :slight_smile:

Sure our rating remains 1 out of 10

You do realize, that this is a user forum? Maybe you should buy a support contract from the Nextcloud GmbH. That would still not give you the right to command people here, but you would at least have a certain claim that someone from the Nextcloud GmbH had to help you. If you want to do something good today, you could post the solution you found. That’s how community forums usually work. They are not a one-way street.

Either way… I wish you an awesome day.

Sorry, you are right. The problem came when we had guests converting into clients. The guest cannot be converted into a standard user. We had to delete them. We had to create new users with different email addresses. Why? because the guest layout is forever. The solution is to release a new version giving the option to convert guest into user, and the registration add-on approval to give the option to accept guests and users instead of users only.

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