How to remove filenames ending with a dot

Hi there,

somehow we’ve managed to upload files to our cloud ending with a dot. Filenames like “roosevelt-T.D…pdf” The double dot before pdf

I can not sync these files with the nextcloud sync-tool but most problematic: I can not delete those files from the server, neither is it possible to change the filenames. An error is returned. (error deleting file… / could not rename…) I’m logged in as admin on the server.

Any suggestions on this issue?
Nextcloud 24.0.6

I think you must delete the files direct in the linux command line. Maybe you can use a tool like “mc” (midnight commander) for better deletion.

After that Nextcloud must scan the files:
sudo -u www-data /path/to/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all

I am often too lazy to use a command line. I like to use one-file-php-manager like Tiny File Manager. For security reason behind .htaccess user/password. But yes i must also rescan the files in Nextcloud.

I tested “roosevelt-T.D…pdf” with Tiny File Mananger and i can create and delete the file. :wink: