How to remove "Add notes, lists or links ..."

Not sure why i see this big empty area in my Nextcloud (red marking was added by me):

I’m using Nextcloud 18.0.1 and Chrome 80

How can i remove it?


Open the Settings dialog in the lower left corner and uncheck “Show rich workspaces”.


Great! Thank you

Thank you! Do you know if there is a way to disable this globally like the “Recommendations” app?

No, unfortunately I’m not aware about any global setting to disable the comments field.

Dang. alright, Thank you!

You can disable it for everyone in 18.0.1 by running the following command (found here ->

occ config:app:set text workspace_available --value=0

So glad it works because this option was making our cloud run way slower than in version 17.0.3


Did you also succeed in removing it from the Android app?

I do not have this in my Android app 3.11.0 and I never saw it to be honest.

It shows up as a white empty space above the folders. Tapping it allows you to edit it.

You can find a manual solution without using OCC here: