How to reinstall the Theming Apps

Hi ! I have badly removed the Theming apps and I can’t find it in the App’s store :frowning: so does someone now a solution to réinstall the app ?

Thank’s !


The Theming app is part of the server repo. Download the install archive of your Nextcloud version, extract and upload it to your server, then activate the app on the Apps page.
Alternatively you can download the files from GitHub.

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Hi thanks for you answer ! i have try to download the “theming” folder from the gitub and put it int the apps folder of my server, and chown it to www-data but after that i have an error 500 on the server.
i have remove it again and the error disapear.

Did i need to do and another manipulation before re-adding the teming app ?

You have to choose the correct version. The master repo is the current alpha of Nextcloud 13. :wink: