How to reinstall/reupdate

hi, i am running nc on a raspberry. i had this problem several times the last years: the installation routine didn’t check the size of /tmp which isn’t to small in any case, but is this time it was. it threw an error message but didn’t stop the installation, instead of that it continues with installation, so that i have now an uncomplete update. i can’t update again with Administration/overview because nextcloud thinks it has been updated corectly. it seems to be okay but isn’t working healthy, for example it refuses to update calender.

i resized /tmp - how may i re-update nc over the existing one?

How did you install Nextcloud? NextcloudPi? Why do you have /tmp? Or is that the ramdisk? Post

df -h

Hi yes, i am running normal NC on my Raspberry 3 since several years, not the special raspberry edition. I did a normal install back then. You ask why i mounted /tmp as an own partition? My /tmp is a mounted tmpfs - ramdisk to speed things up a bit.

I thought doing the update again could fix things if possible, but i don’t know how to install NC over an existing version. Maybe its just better to wait until the next version.

Ok. What data is in /tmp? Please post more details.
You can use the program ncdu (package ncdu) to find the biggest directorys and files.
I like this program.


my /tmp is empty because i restarted the raspi since the update. i did that to give it a bigger size.

Yes. But which data do you store in your ramdisk? I think it makes no really sense.
I think the Nextcloud data must all be stored persistently.

i don’t really know what you want to tell me. /tmp is the usual systemV directory to store temporary data in. it seems that during its installation process, NC itself uses it to temporarily store files there, maybe to extract archives or whatever. it didn’t check if there is enough place for its temporary files and maybe because there are more files than in the last versions update to be temporarily copied, that wasn’t enough and the installation process seems to have been failed partly.

so i didn’t want to discuss the sense of unix-filesystems here, i just have the question if somebody knows a way how to fix whatever could have went wrong, if there is a way for example to repeat the update process with the existing installation.

Sorry. I had thought you had enlarged /tmp extra, since you use it for special purposes. But the memory of the Pi is usually quite small. So the problems can occur. With a little more details like the size of the ramdisk you might have been helped.

but how does it help when you know the size? both /tmp and /var/tmp were tmpfs ramdisk partitions with 60MB each. don’t laugh, that was enough yet. i only had to rise the size once. i will do that again, but therefore i need to know if / how it is possible to retry the update.

Yes. But unfortunately I still can’t imagine what to store there in the first place. Actually one rather does not use /tmp. No application will store any data there on its own.

I simply don’t understand what you want. NC Webupdate uses temporary folders and files. It did. There was not enough space there which i was told by an error message. But that was not the question. The Question is how i could repeat the update and mabybe fix that. Since you don’t seem to have an answer to that, why don’t you just look for other questions to answer? Maybe somebody else would like to answer mine. Regards!

Ok. Sorry. Last for the size of /tmp. is 144 MB and too much for your /tmp.
But there was the same problem with older versions.
Index of /server/releases

Maybe you can repair your Nextcloud
sudo -u www-data php /path/to/nextcloud/occ maintenance:repair
Post errors.

Thanks, i dried that but still can’t update the calendar & polls app. Of course its possible that that hasn’t to do nothing with the update. i don’t know what the tmp folder was used for, maybe something else, since the last stable update worked with 60M. Next time i will try to take a screenshot of the error message and look into the logs beviore restart. thank you for trying to help me and sorry for my unkindliness.