How to recreate my own personal calendar?

Ich made a mistake: in iOS on iphone I deleted the reminder list of my synchronised calendar on my nextcloud server. blob… my (personal) calendar was gone :frowning: not a nextcloud issue, I know, my own mistake.

Now I have a backup of my (personal) calendar, but the calendar itself is not visvible in nextcloud anymore. I do not have a personal calendar anymore.

How can I recreate my personal (blank) calendar to restore my backup into it?
When I try to invite me (the deleted calendar) from another nextcloud user, I cannot choose my username to invite, it’s not there/cannot be found.

What is the usual way to do this? Data is here, in a ics-file.


additional info:
when I import the backup ics file to a “new calendar”, it is created with the name of my user but in the private path, its not called “personal”, but its called username-1. Is this the same like the “personal” calendar?

It doesn’t matter how you name your calendar, that’s your own decision. If you want to name it “personal”, create a calendar with the name “personal”. Afaik you can select the destination calendar for your data if you import an ics file. So instead of selecting the file first and let the system create the calendar, create a calendar first and then import the data to it.

Thank you, I made it like this:
I logged in with my user an go to calendar app.
Then I imported the ics file in a “new calendar” and this calendar was named automatically with my username and set as my default calendar fpr this user, because that one did not exist anymore.

In this way, it was solved with importing the backup to a new calendar. Also my iphone did find all the data again by synchronizing again with the username’s calendar - everthing is set :slight_smile:

thank you…

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