How to record video and audio with talk


I would like to know if video and audio recording is possible with talk ?

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i have the same question.
Did you find any solution?

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@Danish_Sheraz: Digging out multiple old threads won’t help anyone. Talk itself has no possibility to record a session. You could do a screencast (for example using OBS Studio / Or you could dig into the possibilities of Janus SFU if you are using the High Performance Bakend (How to join the audio and video (.mjr) from a recorded session of Janus Gateway in Ubuntu 18.04 | Our Code World / Recordings).

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On the contrary, digging old thread prove that some features is requested by users, and for a long time now, so perhaps it would be important to see about adding the feature to roadmap.

I do not think that the regular users want to mess around with over-complicated OBS, when they only want to record the stream, that go through the server.

Instead, whatever limiting this, technically should be discussed (encryption, access to hardware, data storage, etc), and voted for by the community as to what we should do to have an acceptable way to do this (ie: doable by regular users without having to take a course on OBS, but just pressing a record button)

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I had users that were using their cellphone to record the screen because it was too complicated to do otherwise… that quite un-friendly if you ask me in that regards.

The Talk feature is awesome tho, work great as far as quality and speed goes. It just lack a basic feature for recording sessions, and saving them in the data storage area.

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You can use OBS Studio to record everything that U want in easy way. There is even Portable version of it.

While that an acceptable solution for tech savvy users, regular employees do not have time to start learning OBS. We need a built-in feature to do this. Something easy as pressing a record button.

Sorry, Im just trying to develop a recording agent, i just wanted know to from the community if someone found or developed any solutions. Thats all.


I would love to see that as a Application. I mean realistically, it would have to run from the client side, because of the E2E encryption, isn’t it ? Or could you “hook” into the streaming library and like mirror it output before it leave the server ? That be awesome.

yeah, it will be a talk client and I will add a user named recorder, that will record all the conversations.


Yes, looking for the same. Our organisation is unfortunately using zoom shudder to record and would like to switch to something less evil.

If recording is a must, using a standalone BBB server and NC integration app is the simplest way
Talk does not need to be installed…

Since Jitsi has now its own NC integration app, it might work as well (haven’t used it lately)

Talk does not have built-in recording abilities and it does not look it will any time soon…