How to re-instate a shared folder that was removed from a users view?

Nextcloud version 11.0.2:
Operating system and version : Centos 7
PHP version : 5.6

In testing sharing a folder I created a general user group and had my Admin user share a folder with this new group where the new group had no editing ability (all unchecked). I then logged in with a user that was a member of this general user group and could see my share.
Still logged in as the general user I deleted the share so this general user could not see it any longer. I confirmed that the folder still existed for my Admin user (the owner of the folder) but this particular general user could not see it any longer.

How do I get this general user to see this shared folder again? Ideally I would prefer I had the option for users not be able to delete shared folders at all so if there is an option to disable removing shared folders from your view that would be great! But in the meantime I need to have a way to redisplay shared folders if they do get removed from a general users view.

Thank you.