How to quickly scroll the main dialog to the top?

Hello, I am confused about how to quickly scroll the main dialog to the top. The right-side scrollbar only serves as a visual indicator and does not have any scrolling function.

I have synchronized a large number of files, approximately 5k+, and encountered an error as shown in the picture. I want to open the main dialog to check the error message. However, the record stays in the middle, and I cannot find a way to return to the newest one. The only option seems to be using the mouse wheel to scroll up slowly, or exit nextcloud client and restart it. So, is there a way to solve my problem?

Furthermore, the file synchronization records in the main dialog appear to be too simple, making it impossible to view specific information about file changes or filter records by labels such as “Uploaded” , “Downloaded”, and “Renamed”, and I can’t see the exact time of each record either. Is there a more detailed synchronization log available?

Thank you.