How To Pull A New Request From Github?

Hi. I would like to know how can i update an app with the latest pull requests from GitHub? For example, Group Folders has a few pull request since 3 days ago. How do I pull the new requests to NextCloud Group Folders App?


You will find a description how Github works here.

I think the easiest and fasted way to get updates on your server, is to navigate to the Github project page, click on the Code button and choose Download ZIP, Once you’ve download the archive to your server you can extract the file(s) you’re interested in and copy it to the app directory of Nextcloud. Please make sure that you fix the ownership and access rights afterwards :wink:

sure you know what you are doing?

git clone
cd groupfolders
git checkout <your-start-branch>
git branch <your-new-branch>
git checkout <your-new-branch>
git merge <the-branch-or-commit-you-want-merge> 

repeat the git merge if you want to merge more changes/commits.

after that you have a new personal branch in your folder. from here you can copy the files to your nextcloud app folder.

make a backup of that folder.

don’t use the zip download. you won’t be happy.

don’t do this in production.

install vscode/atom/eclipse plus all fancy git extensions to examine what your doing with your merge. (my favourite is vscode + gitgraph/gitlense)

if it’s only the version number in the three files use vi directly. that would be faster.