How to protect local files from modification

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Windows 3.4.0
Windows 10 Home 20H2

The issue you are facing: Files synced via nextcloud started dissapearing locally after being deleted on the synced server. I am wondering if there is a way to set syncing preferences so I can ensure that local files are never deleted, only mirrored on the server?

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If they are not deleted locally they are not in sync anymore. :wink:

The advantage of client/server is the fact that you can use/modify your files on client and server.
If you have the data only on client or server and delete it there, the file also is deleted.
Nextcloud is (in sync mode) no backup tool. Use daily backups for your client and server.

But you have non sync options. But this does not describes your problem.
Read this article.

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Thanks for the explanation. It is unfortunate (for me) that Nextcloud doesn’t have this functionality as I was hoping for something a bit more open and community oriented than the usual suspects to use as a personal backup. Oh well, back to the search!

Maybe there is a possibility to build something like that. But actually the local cloud folder is part of the cloud rather than part of your local machine. Maybe you just need to rethink accordingly.

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That’s a good point. I suppose I could see if I could have the mirroring happen between a duplicated set of folders on my local system, thereby protecting the local folders.

Basically Nextcloud is just a storage place whose content you can access either via WebDAV or via WebUI. If anything, it’s the Nextcloud Sync client that doesn’t do what you want.

Synchronisation and backups are two fundamentally different concepts that also serve different purposes. Backups are made for disaster recovery or to restore data that has accidentally deleted or changed. Therefore backups should be immutable and have a defined retention period. Synchronization, on the other hand, is all about making the files available on multiple devices in order to work with them.

Ideally, you have implemented solutions for both concepts that complement each other, i.e. you are using synchronization in order to work with your files on multiple devices, and in addition to that you would also do regular backups of the data. Ideally to a seperate server or at least to a seperate drive.

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