How to properly shutdown NC on a Raspi?

Sounds like a simple question:

I have NC running on a Raspi via NCP.
Lets assume I want to shut down the electricity in my home.

How do I most properly shut down the NC instance and system completely beforehand to avoid any risks of file system or database corruptions?

Via terminal/ssh run:

sudo shutdown -h now

Afaik there is a shutdown and reboot option in ncp-web:4443

NC web has no shutdown option, NCP has.

That’s what I use on my home RPi Nextcloud , shutdown via ssh

I cant find any hardware shutdown in the web access, only logout

Using a transactional versioning file system like BTRFS or OpenZFS?

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Thanks @OliverV , but I dont have that interface

Prob’ly because I have Ubuntu Server + Nextcloud-Snappy?

EDIT: Seems so

a) It took me a while to find out that the shutdown sometimes happens a long time (like 1 minute) after pushing the UI button. Noobs like me run into that without any warning.
b) I had some issues with my installation and as a result those shutdown/reboot buttons from the NCP UI sometimes totally did not work. That is why I asked. Think if it like asking for another way.
c) I have no idea what exaclty happens when I push that UI button. I do wonder if it’s really safe. I also do wonder if the command line “shutdown” is safe? Isnt that a pure OS command and runs the risk of hard interrupting some database or file write processes in NC?