How to prevent automatic updates when server/NC is booting?


I’m using OnlyOffice in Nextcloud v25.0.8 as SNAP install in Ubutu v22.0. It is a VM under control of Hyper-V in a Microsoft enviroment and as a reverse proxy I’m using IIS. Because I was never able to use Collabora or Nextcloud office (presumabyl due to my weired IIS revrese proxy configuration…) I’ve switched to OnlyOffice that worked up to v7.8.0 great: clicking on an office file it became openedd in the browser and I was able to edit the files.

Now I made a backup of the VM with OnlyOffice v7.8.0 and installed OnlyOffice v7.9.0. The new version of OnlyOffice does not open the office files anymore, clicking on such files the become saved on the local disk.

However, I still have the backup with OnlyOffice v7.8.0. But: installing the backup and booting Ubuntu then NC automatically updates to the dysfunctional v7.9.0.

My question: what can I do to prevent this automatic installation of a new version of an app? How can I ‘fix’ an older version of an app?



Apps don’t automatically update in NC (unless you’re updating NC itself). So… I’m not sure what you’ve got going on…

Is the Snap upgrading NC maybe?

Thank you for your answer!

As far as I see I have not tested this option. I will now generate a backup of my current VM with NC and next unblock the router. Let’s see, if an autoupdate of my apps will occur - or not :slight_smile:

However, is there any way to prevent such app update when I update to the next NC version? In detail: I still have v25 and would like to go ahead to v26. The last time I performed such update also OnlyOffice was automatically updates (as you mentioned) from v7.8.0 (‘the good one for me’) to v7.9.0 (‘the version that does not work in my strange reverse proxy setting’). However, als v7.8.0 is listed to be compatible with NC v26. Is there any option to avoid this auto-update of apps (or at least of OO v7.8.0) when I perform an update of NC v25 → v26?



From looking at the code, it does not appear so. If the app maintainer has published a newer version than what’s already installed - and the new version is also compatible with the target NC server version, then an app upgrade is assumed.

Technically as long as the existing app version is compatible I’m not sure this logic is strictly necessary. It happens to probably be reasonable in most use cases, but I can see how it triggers unnecessary automatic app upgrades.

Of course ideally whatever is creating your issue in v7.9.0 would get remedied. :slight_smile: Have you also experimented with upgrading DocumentServer in combination with the v7.9.0 upgrade by chance?


yes, you are right: until I remain with NC v25 there is no automatic update of the apps. I have to allow this update and so I still can use OO v7.8.0 after I’ve opened my router to the internet again. Thank you :slight_smile:

Up to now I thought that the DocumentServer become also updated when I install OO v7.9.0. This could be ideed a reason for my troubles with OO v7.9.0.

However, in the meanwhile I think my real problem is due to a reverese proxy configuration, I will open up a new discussion focusing on this issue.

Greetings from Hannover/Germany,