How to mount NFS disk in Nextcloud 11 VM - webmin


Im using Nextcloud 11 VM deployment and i need in Webmin mount share from another server

but, if i try mount nfs, nextcloud can not see NFS hostname - No local NFS servers found

NAS and nextcloud are in the same network and ping each other is working…

with SMB is the same problém…:confused:

i need mount NFS NAS datastore for storaging users data to NAS datastore

Is this the official VM or your own?

Yes, its official virtual from nextcloud’s page.

@enoch85 one for you

Just use the External Storage App, or mount NFS/SMB in Linux. All the prerequisites are there for the External Storage’s App, ready to be used. So it’s not a VM issue, rather a configuration issue.

Though depending on how you do it you may have to install CIFS and NFS client/server packages in Linux. Here’s a guide I made a while ago:

Also, you should update to 12 by typing: sudo bash /var/scripts/