How to Modify a column in Files view

I’m running Nextcloud 18.0.7

Is there a way that Modify column displays date and time instead of 2 hours ago, a month ago, etc…?

Is there a way to add other columns to display additional metadata from files? Like creation time; last modified; etc?

I’m having issues with files that I upload from DSLR camera where images are named DCS_xxxx format. I hate this format as filenames are not unique if you format the SD card on it and they show up again with same name and creates conflicts when uploaded to nextcloud.

I know that if I take care externally and process all files before I upload to NC this is not an issue but was wondering if NC can take care of this.


I haven’t seen it so far. Perhaps check out the apps, if there is an app doing that. You could do your own app if you can’t find anything, or perhaps check if that could be an interesting feature for the picture/photo app (rename or sort images automatically).

You could install the metadata app…

Yes, metadata app solved that in a way. Still I would prefer to have timestamp in the filename but this will work too.


I would like to be able to see file modification dates. Am surprised and disappointed it’s not possible to see an actual date instead of something like 2 months ago etc. :frowning: The metadata app doesn’t do it for pdfs and many others.

Although I consider that most people here are familiar with shell scripts, writing one myself is a huge time drain for me as a mindless worker. So what I would really want to see is a shell script that appends the file creation date, e.g. date a photo was taken or shot, to the name of the file itself so users don’t have to open the details panel for this piece of metadata. Of course, this would save the admin the headache of installing additional apps that provide an essential function, for example, time stamps on file names.