How to migrate users and share links from Nextcloud 18 to Nextcloud 21?

I am physically tired of seeking solutions, so I just need to know… how I can migrate all my data to a fresh install without losing the share links and user info.

I’m not going through another round of searching logs, fighting with developers on bug reports, etc. Please just tell me, in a simple way, how to migrate users and share links from Nextcloud 18 to a fresh install of a newer version, if this is possible.

I’ve tried fixing these errors for MONTHS on end, scored forums, reddit, bug reports, etc, and nothing gives. The errors in the error log are useless (I’ve been through this enough).

I know none of this is useful, but imagine my frustration. So please, spare me - and understand why I’m not giving a bunch of log files and all that information. I just need to know, if it is possible, how can I migrate from this version to a newer version without going through a clearly broken upgrade process AGAIN.

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Clearing cached CSS/JS doesn’t fix the problem. The only solution I can think of at this point is manually recreating every user, share link, etc, after migrating to a new installation. I’d love a fix, but I’m tired of digging through forums and meeting dead ends, and I’m not wasting my time reporting a bug only to be given the run-around again.

What would be the process for migrating from 18 to 21, only the user data and share links? I don’t need anything else, I can handle that on my own.

At first take a backup. Then disable all apps and upgrade from 18 to 19 to 20 and do the upgrade to 21 later. Then enable one app after the other to see if your Nextcloud instance is still working.

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I think the solution from @Sanook is the best solution.

Another idea:
Please read first backup and restore

Perhaps you have got a backup without errors. Then you can re-install the same nextcloud version (hopefully including subversion read config/config.php) and then restore database and files. Then hopefully you have a correct running version 18.x . After that you can upgrade to latest 18, then 19, then 20 and then 21. The problem is that your backup is perhaps outdated.

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