How to Migrate Own Cloud Client files to a new Next Cloud

I am not sure how to ask this and I know there has been many of questions and HowTo’s about migrations. My Owncloud server (10.0.3) is on a 32bit Pi ArmV7 running Jessie. The Migration tool does not display any migration path for me to run.

Unless there is an easier way I was going to setup a completely new Next Cloud server and install clients on my windows machines. I was then going to copy files from the clients Own Cloud folders to the next cloud folders on each machine.

Is there a better way? I saw someone had a windows script that might do something similar.

If I may ask, what is the recommended way to transfer files from the Own Cloud to the Next Cloud server? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I think the best way is to migrate the data with the Nextcloud client.

Watch this video.
Maybe you need only the part to sync an existing folder because you have already the data of your Owncloud locally.