How to migrate from manual installation to NCP?

Hi there!

What is the easiest way to migrate a manual installation to Nextcloud Pi? Is there any tool to do this? I am using sqlite with the manual installation. Would I need to migrate to mysql first?

Thanks a lot for your help!

I’m not aware of a tool to automatically do this - but it shouldn’t be too complicated to do this manually:

  • Install your NCP
  • On old setup, do a SQL backup (sql dump)
  • Copy over data directory and config.php to new instance
  • Check which database is used by NCP and adapt config.php accordingly
  • Restore the database to new instance.
  • Make sure that paths (data dir) are set correctly in config.php

This is of course just a very coarse guide, make sure to always back up things properly and try to keep your current instance untouched to in case things go wrong you can simply restart that one again.

Thanks for your advice! I will copy the config and data directory. I will try getting it running with sqlite and move to mysql later.