How to make Nextcloud Talk work ?!


First of all, please understand that I am a beginner admin of a Nextcloud server (for home). I am not expert but Nextcloud works well for file sync on my laptop and smartphone (android).

I would like to make Nextcloud Talk on android work but I can’t (I see a black screen on one phone, and nothing received on the other phone). I have started to investigate, and I see 2 versions :

  1. This video shows that you need to install a “TURN server” on your Nextcloud server :

  2. While, in this video, the expert of Nextcloud Spreed (if I understood, Video Calls and Talk are the same), says that you just need to install Video Call from admin session, and everything will work out of the box :

So please, how to make Nextcloud Talk and chat work ?

Any step-by-step guide would be appreciated. Thank you very much !

Thank you. So this step-by-step does the same as the script :

So I recommend to use the script for people like me in order to avoid any typo mistake in the terminal.

So if I understood well (because @Reiner_Nippes’s answer contains only a link), you have to setup a TURN server, so Nextcloud Talk doesn’t work out of the box.

Would it be possible to make nextcloud talk work on the nextcloud box (rpi2), using the instructions above?

if the turn software is available on your platform. yes.