How to make Nextcloud listen and respond only on subdomain?


I’ve setup Nextcloud on Arch Linux with an Apache webserver. I have established a subdomain nextcloud.domain.tld and it works all dandy over that domain, but the server is still responding on the second level domain domain.tld.

How can the server be compelled not to answer on domain.tld with the Nextcloud webinterface? I couldn’t find the proper entries in the Apache and Nextcloud config files, but I am rookie in this field. There’s how you need to config your Apache.
If you have done everything already, then it may be your browser’s cache. Try with incognito mode or with another browser.

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Thank you!
That was indeed the problem. I just had to define another VirtualHost entry for domain.tld with another DocumentRoot, second to the one for nextcloud.domain.tld.

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