How to make nextcloud accessible to local network?

I am a beginner to docker and networking. Any pointers, relevant technical terms I should be researching are appreciated.

I simply want to switch from 3rd party hosting to hosting myself. There was some issue with vmware so I’m trying the docker version.
My idea is to have a nextcloud instance on docker on my pc, accessible to everyone in my home wifi who has the password. I won’t be able to sync when I’m not home or the pc is off and that’s ok with me because in return I don’t have to worry as much about security (or buy a home server).
I have managed to set up the nextcloud docker image(
with persistent storage which I can start with docker run -d -v nextcloud:/var/www/html -p 8080:80 nextcloud, access under http://localhost:8080 on the host pc and stop with docker stop.
But I cannot connect from e.g. my phone, I assume because so far I’ve only specified an internal address on the host pc.
I think these pages contain a solution, but I don’t think I understand what they mean/what I need to do.