How to maintain shared status

We put simple excel files in NC and edit them in a web browser or in a Windows app via WebDAV.

Suppose file owner A shares a file with user BB by granting editable permission.
User BB mounted the NC on Windows via WebDAV, edited it in MS Office or LibreOffice, and processed the save.
Then the file sharing status seems to get screwed up. The file seems to be out of the shared state and becomes an independent file owned by user BB. This means that there are two files, the original file of Mr. A and the file of user BB.

Is there a way to persist the sharing settings set by user A even if user BB edits and saves on Windows?

NC 24.0.7, CentOS 7.9, Nginx 1.20.2, PHP 8.1.12, MariaDB 10.5.18