How to log into Nextcloud via terminal

NC 15
I have a file-lock problem and want to perform some maintenance on a NC running on my Synology NAS
IP 172.x.x.x

I cannot figure out how to log into the Nextcloud from the terminal (!).
I can obviously log into my NAS as admin@172.x.x.x

What am I missing :)?

Ok- I think I figured it out:


sudo -u http php72 /volume1/web/nextcloud/occ -V

Note that my next command to try and fix the file lock issue is taking 1+hour on a multicore server (4GB of files). CPU usage 2%, RAM 25%:
sudo -u http php72 /volume1/web/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all

How to speed up to a reasonable level?

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