How to lock down users to external storage only


I am running NC 10 and 11 in my environment and was wondering if there is a way to lock down user’s storage to external storage only. Basically I want users to be only able to use external local storage that I configured among a specific group. I do not want them to use NC for their own personal files instead whole group need to see what they have uploaded or downloaded.

Okey… I believe I might it found a temporarily solution. I have simple limited user quota to 2MB but made them part of a group that has rights to external storage. So far from my testing with that test user, I was able to upload as much as I could to the external storage which what I was looking for. Of course, that user can only allocate 2MB of quota space for their personal usage. If somehow has other suggestions please let me know.

That’s the usual workaround.

I have not idea how else you could do it. Perhaps from OS level by placing XFS quotas on individual user folders in /data.

File system quotas is another way to achieve this. ownCloud provides a feature in the enterprise version that you can directly mount external storage as home directory. NC tries to implement all these enterprise features in NC for free, but I don’t know the status of this feature.
If you need it and there isn’t a feature request on, you can open one.

Thank you much tflidd. I have submitted issue #3343.

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How to make the home page without default files and folders. External storage only


If you follow the feature request, you see that this already realized:

You just need to add such an external storage as admin for a user.