How to limit the size of my nextcloud

I want to limit the size of my nextcloud to be sure there is some webspace left for other activities. Is it possible to set a maximum storage size for the whole cloud on my server?

the easiest way is to create a containerfile with a specific size and mount that with -o loop and put the nextcoud (or data directory) in that.

Ok, thanks! I’ve no idea how to do that but i try to google it :slight_smile:

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using the linux quota system would be better but I read that you want to use more websites and the apache does only use one username?

Besides using a container with a fixed size and the linux quota system you could also do one of the following:

  1. Limit storage usage for your users inside nextcloud - each user can get an individual quota in the user administration. Also this has the benefit that you can configure Nextcloud to send E-Mails once the quota will be reached.
  2. If you want ro limit the size that nextcloud uses in your webhoster environment, you could “attach” external storage to nextcloud - that might be dropbox, google drive, amazon S3, any webdav accessible “online storage” …
    Take a look at:
    After configuring which storage you want to use you can also configure for which users and groups the external storage will be used for.

your first solution will not work since NC doesn`t count the deleted files in Trashbin nor Version files. Your second Solution undermines the very idea of nextcloud (at least if you dont do encryption).

Using an separate Disk which you mount as /data would do the trick. When the space there is up, its up. But i dont know if that’s applicable in your scenario. Please tell us a little bit more about your setup.

Thank you all for your help so far. I haven’t solved the problem jet because I am not really into the very technical things. So I hoped there is a simple solution.

Some more info, as @Ascendancer asked: I have a 250GB webspace at and am hosting some websites and email accounts there. I think for that 50GB would be enough, so I would like to limit my nextcloud to 200GB. The problem I have is, that my provider contacted me and told me my space is full. Now I found out that it is because of all the version files, nextcloud is saving. I am wondering how to limit that.

One solution I am thinking about is to add another FTP-Account to my Account and limit that to 200GB. But then I have to move the whole nextcloud and I am not sure if this works. Any recommendations?

You could set a limit of how long to version files in config.php:

Hi again. Stupid Question:
Do you have shell access to your server, and if so are you root or sudo capable? In this case i can tell you what exactly you have to edit. If not, we have sadly very little room for maneuvering here.

Hello experts,
3 years later: I have the same problem.
I have 50 GB storage at netcup, a simple webhosting solution.
I have shell access via OCCWEB-App, no root or sudo access.

Exceeding my webhosting is a real problem as all the services including the mail server gets disabled.

I set time limits for versions and deleted files, but this solves the problem not in a reliable way.
I’m running Nextcloud 18.0.7.

Is there any solution?


Hi everyone,

@Ascendancer may I ask what would be your solution with root privileges (preferably in docker environment with named volumes).

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