How to keep document only on server and not device

Hey guys,

I want to use nextcloud as a google drive copy. I have the app installed on my Macbook and my phone. I do not want everything to sync between them. I do want to have access to the files when I want.

Ideally, I could drop files in the Nextcloud folder and it wouldn’t be on my macbook anymore. (I hope that makes sense.) Is that possible?

Thank you for all your hardwork!

Hi - I’d also be interested in an answer to this or better support for this in Nextcloud. One partial solution though is to map a drive / connect to Nextcloud with WebDAV instead of the official clients. Then your data just shows up as a network folder.

Right now I’m using a combination of the official client for syncing some folders and WebDAV for accessing the rest.

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That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks!