How to keep changed files after an update

So I have made some changes to the Nextcloud Core Files to suite me better, how do I keep them the same after an update ( for ex: 20.0.0 to 20.0.1)? I don’t know how to make a nextcloud app. If I do build an app, how would I make it so it overwrites the files?

That’s the problem if you patch core files of a software. It is never guarantied that it will work with future versions. You have to apply all changes to the updated core files again and check that they’re working as expected.

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@j-ed So there is no why to? If I built a app would that work?

So how do I build an app?

By building an app you will be able to change parameters or functions which are accessible by officials API calls, but you won’t be able to “patch” core files. So depending on how your modifications are looking like, not all of them will most likely by appliable by an app.

On the Nextcloud conference day 2, someone has given a quick introduction into the app development. Check-out the conference video for further information. the official event schedule should lead you to the right position in the video: