How to join conversation as guest in talk app

I successfully installed the talk server, created a room and i am able to join the discussion as guest user in chrome or firefox

How can I use the talk app on android to join a discussion as guest as well? When I enter my server name I was always asked for login data or a device token.

What am I missing?

Thanks for your help and kind regards

The chapter “Public calls” might what you are looking for:

That works connecting with browser, but not with android app.
I think the chapter is about general use, it ain’t specific to the connection method.


The answer is « you can’t for the moment »
Nextcloud Talk for iOS and Android ask you an account.

Thanks for the reply.
Within the app it is not possible to connect to a public call.

Good to know it’s not implemented yet and nothing I can do atm.

I think it should be possible to use the guest app to create a guest account on the fly and then use the talk app as request. If this isn’t an option for you I would recommend to create a feature request in the android github repository.


This issue is currently being worked out here - scroll to the bottom to see the eople working on implementing it right now…and join them f you can …

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