How to integrate collaboral in Centos7


help me i have made NExtcloud on my server with OS Centos7 and i need to edit my files on web i need the steps step by step to integrate collaboral in Centos7


Are you still looking for help on this? I followed some tutorials, but I cannot get it to work correctly. Maybe we can both get it to work on our machines!


Why dont you use OnlyOffice?
Its a much more powerfull tool in my opinion.
I Implemented it really easy and quick with the official OnlyOffice Docker Container.
Thats the best and easiest way i could tell.


I dont think Collabora is very different. I got it working, but had to reset my server with an older snpashot and dont know how to get it to work again…


yeah im still i need to find the steps step by step on CEntos7


OK, no problem just i need an app to help me and my users can edit by web and do not forget that i installed nextcloud on Centos7 not Ubuntu


yeah but all steps that is found on collaboral is compatible with Ubuntu and I installed on Centos7


There are different sites giving some hints. One not working for me is
BUt that is how they all look like :frowning:


also me not working


any error message?


I saw there is a Docker Image for callobora office.

my nextcloud instance is also CentOS and for my Onlyoffice I use the Docker image.
So it should matter if you use Docker.