How to install SSL certificate on Nextcloud VM


I’m running Nextcloud VM by T&M Hansson IT and want to install an SSL certificate. I’m a newbie at Nextcloud, Linux, and SSL certificates. What is the recommended method for this? Thank you.

I don’t know about their prefab VM, but in most typical setups, you would use certbot.

isn’t it build in? @enoch85

p.s.: i prefere (

@nextcloudnewbie @Reiner_Nippes Yes, it’s built in and offered to you during the setup.

In case you missed it though, it’s possible to run again. Just run: sudo bash /var/scripts/ and choose Server Configuration --> Activate TLS.

Hope it helps!

I’m not sure if this has changed since, but the location /var/scripts/ does not exist in the prefab VM during initial setup.

Hi @lumberjack

There’s a big difference between the Nextcloud VM meant for testing purposes, and the full version: