How to install NC-16.x without InnoDB Barracuda but older Antelope?

NC-16.x usually uses InnoDB Barracuda format.

My shared webhosting provider HostEurope still supports MySQL-5.6 with older InnoDB Antelope format installed.
Update to MySQL-8 with InnoDB Barracuda is announced but no date for this.

So, because of NC developement, security fixes and other terms I am looking for a solution installing NC-16.x on MySQL-5.6 with InnoDB Antelope activated.

Is there any way to do so?

Thx + regards, nextclouder

Hmmm, really no hint about this question?

Regards, NC

you may wanted to kick their ass, or just change your provider.

No easy trick here. what is the vps distro ?
maybee having mariadb as a second db is an alternative.