How to Install 2FA onto Nextcloud VirtualBox from Windows

As the title reflects, I am having trouble figuring out how to install TOTP 2FA onto my local nextcloud server. I am testing the server and it’s features before purchasing space on AWS to store it permanently. I have read the following articles: and

As shown in the 2nd article referenced, I dont have an “Enable” button, but rather a list of downloads for all versions ranging from 10-13. I am running the nextcloud server as a VM from VirtualBox and am very new (and unfamiliar) with using Ubuntu commands. Could anyone explain how to install the TOTP app onto my nextcloud VM from a windows host machine?

I’m unsure if this information is relevant, but I currently only have my NC server available on my local network version . My boss wanted me to test features before making it available to our suppliers & customers.