How to incorporate Windows shares?

I’ve recently gotten Nextcloud up and running using the Tech and Me VM. It’s running in virtual box on a WHS 2011 system. All seems to be running smoothly! Here’s the rub: I have shares on my WHS system for each user and I’d like them to be respectively the data repositories for the same users under Nextcloud. Could someone point me to any information on how to accomplish this? I have tinkered a bit with the external storage feature but am still at a bit of a loss.


Didi you enable smb?

I managed to get a network share mounted and recognized by external storage. I guess my question is:

How can I have all data uploaded to Nextcloud on the external storage? As it is now it’s just another folder. Is this possible? How are people dealing with Nextcloud installations that grow? Or are you supposed to install it on some behemoth multi PB system and wait…?

You can mount external storage to the Nextcloud data folder.

Fantastic! Is there a guide about how to do this?