How to include different channels?

Hello there, I recently switched over to Nextcloud from OC and am interested in the updater script. I am on .50 and would like to be able to upgrade to .51. In the instructions it states that the admin should move to another channel and then back to the stable one; this will enable the updater.

My question is how do you include multiple channels in your Nextcloud installation? I do not have this option on my admin dropdown.


Strange of sorts, but you can include the following line in your config:

'' => 'daily',

Thanks John, but I still didn’t see any option to change channels. I have managed to ‘start’ the update process through /updater and will ask in the updater thread.


Just to get that straight in case it proofs relevant for other users as well. Adding that line to Config hardcodes the update channel to daily. It was not meant to make the drop down Option visible. :wink: