How to Improve Speed

Beyond Caching what are some was to improve the speed of Nextcloud on my Server?

By “speed of Nextcloud” do you mean GUI responsiveness?
Or speed of files’ upload/download?

I mean GUI responsiveness

Have a look here

What’s your hardware?

Besides the steps above might aswell try to use ssds as data storage.
You might be able to adopted this for your system aswell:

After skimming through the “tipps” in the linked post, I would be very surprised if there is more to it than a placebo effect tbh.

If you follow Nextcloud’s installation guide and use a php cache and maybe Redis for file locking AFAIK there is little more you can do to improve performance except getting better hardware. It is not like the default configurations of the involved software components are slow by default. Everyone wants speed so even the default configurations try to be as fast as possible. And disabling IPv6 (was one of the “tipps”) in 2020 is just :man_facepalming:.

But feel free to make some actual measurements and show your results. I would be happy to change my mind.

Very much so… But if some mistakes were made during setup, that list might help…

I haven’t seen any noticeable speed improvements even putting the system (not data!) on NVMe…
And going above 16GB RAM…

Nextcloud has a lot of bells and whistles and its GUI won’t be as fast as ownCloud for example…

I think, at some point the network transmission makes up the biggest part of the perceived delay/load time, so even if you tune page generation from 200 ms to 50 ms (which you probably won’t and more from 200 to 195), you still will need 1-2 s to receive the response.

Interesting. Can you be more specific? I have never used Owncloud, so I wouldn’t know. Do they load more asynchronously?

ownCloud is what Nextcloud was forked from…

OC has a very minimalistic “community” - aka free - version.
As long as it satisfies your needs, it’d be preferable since it’s faster.
So for example, login takes 1-2 seconds instead of 5 on Nextcloud…

But it’s easy to get used to some Nextcloud features and hard to go back…

I don’t think there is any significant difference in underlying technology.

Well, it’s easy to be faster if you have less work to do. :slight_smile: