How to ignore specific files on Andoid device and permission warning?

Nextcloud version

I am using the current Nextcloud app in Android 10 to “automatically upload” the contents of the SD card and some of the internal storage.
This is mainly to backup the images, some settings, the backup files
from Signal, Telegram, etc.

I added a workflow with the File Access Control addon and
excluded some files.

Now two things happen in the Android app:

  • There is a message that there is a conflict with a file. This has been there
    before I added the ignore list.

  • For that file the app shows an additional message all the time that the permissions to upload this
    file are denied. This happened before the ignore list was in place and is the original reason for ignoring the files at all.

What I want is for the phone just to shut up and ignore the file
and get that there is a server rule and thats fine.

Any idea how to achieve this?