How to hide "Show outline" and "active people" in a public nextcloud instance?

I use nextcloud to allow people sharing data.
For some visitors of my webpage, I offer data that is stored in nextcloud for public download.
However, I do not want those public visitors to see the “outline” least to enable them to add their name to the list of readers. Yet, I use a file to offer information about the content of the public download folder.
How - the heck! - can I possibly hide the indication of “show outline” and “active people”? This appeared after a nextcloud update that I installed at the beginning of the year, and I have now ideal how to remove that.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Nobody knowlegable about this / interested in it?
I think it should bother many not only me?
I do not know github well enough to judge whether this is already taken care of - do you think my issue equals Hide email address in activity · Issue #516 · nextcloud/activity · GitHub ?

I have got the same problem. If i use a public share for Markdown the last user is shown above the Markdown text with mouse-over the user icon on the top right. Maybe a problem with GDPR.

The problem is at this code position:
<button data-v-********="" aria-label="Aktive Benutzer" class="avatar-list v-popper--has-tooltip" data-original-title="Aktive Benutzer"><div data-v-********="" class="avatardiv icon-group"></div> </button>

I could not find an issue. Maybe someone can create an issue.

I think the problem is the fact that with public share (read-only) the software think the edit is allowed.

Test on (Nextcloud
(second use of this read-only share, user “Yams” never used, user “Gast” is created twice)

Now there is a bug #38421.
I agree that this indeed is an issue regarding General Data Protection Regulation.
As such, it deserves attention.

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