How to hide manager?

Nextcloud version 27.0.1
Operating system and version, Rocky 9
Apache 2.4
PHP 8.2

Just checking out nextcloud and my question is relatively simple.

I created an admin who is in the admin group and two users in their own group. When the new users go to their Contacts page, they see the name of the admin in the Manager section.

It shows something like admin-z-server-generated-system

I’ve checked everything I can in the documentation but cannot find how I can hide the ‘Manager’ from the users Contacts view.

This looks related to the System Address Book changes made in NC27. I’m not up to speed on them, but perhaps you’ll find some clues poking at some of the PRs:

Hi, thanks for your input. Are you suggesting I need to post in that issue as it might be a bug or some other problem?

Is there not someone here that knows the answer? People in the repo aren’t answering there either so how does one move ahead since docs don’t mention this.

Strange support site. Seems only developers help each other or something.
Guess I’ll have to find another solution since getting help is so hard here.

Good luck with newbies wanting to try this, if you don’t help them at all, don’t wonder why they move on.