How to give SAML Users Admin Rights

I am searching for a way to authenticate admins via SAML SSO. In my initial testing I was able to add the user to the admin group manually in Nextcloud. However after I added the group attribute mapping so that I could add groups to Nextcloud from the SAML provider (Azure AD) the admin group is removed at login. Even if I use a user that isn’t mapped to any groups on SAML provider. I have considered adding an admin group on the provider, however that’s very generic, it would be a lot better if I could use nextcloud-admin or something as the SAML provider is providing authentication for a lot of different services.

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It appears the group ‘admin’ is fixed and the only way for SSO & SAML app to grant admin rights to a SAML user is to have them be joined to the group ‘admin’. I agree this is generic and would not be appropriate for enterprise environments.

I think a feature request in the user_saml plugin to allow a custom mapping to the ‘admin’ group would be an appropriate way to handle this.

UPDATE: Created issue Grant Admin Rights to custom SAML group · Issue #561 · nextcloud/user_saml (