How to give limited access to an account?(So that only a subset of the file are visible and in sync)

Hi all,
I’m using the desktop NextCloud application to sync files and documents among different personal devices.
Now I have a work device provided by my employer and I would like to sync some of those file also there but I DON’T want that this work device has access to all the files of my account, I would like to give it access to only a selected subset of files and folders.
Is there a way to obtain this?
Thanks in advance,
kind regards,

Hi @liteya

I see two options here, both of which are rather straight forward

  • If this is simply about syncing, you can select just a single folder of your account to be synced to the device. You can select this when configuring the sync client.
  • If this really is about access rights then I think the only way is to create a second user account and share the relevant files with that account from your primary one. Then the full NC content of this user can be synced to your work device.