How to get timeline to work

Hi everyone! I’ve been looking for a way to get out of using google drive to host all my videos and photos and looking at the description of the nextcould photos page, it said that it is possible to view all the photos with a timeline.

I’ve tried looking at the app but this currently does not seem to be possible? If someone has got this to work, could anyone kindly help me out and show me how to use the timeline?

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This isn’t exactly a solution but more of a temporary fix. If you also have plex installed, you can set it so that plex will look through your own specific user for image files. It can then sort this out in a timeline. It’s doing the job for now, so hope this helps anyone whose been wanting to have a timeline working.


Photos is available since 18. The default nextcloud install contains this app and it works out of the box.
Any photo you will upload to your nc home storage will appear sorted by last modified as a timeline view.

What are you experiencing exactly ?

Really? I can not see a timeline. But perhaps someone can add additional the day, month or year between the pictures.

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I am looking for this functionality as well. I am fully set up with Nextcloud, but with thousands of photos, from over 15 years, the lack of this feature keeps me chained to Google.
I tried Plex based on the recommendation here, and as you mentioned - it works, but it is not a great fit.

Also, looks like this is being looked at here:

This is planned and we’re facing a technical issue preventing us to simply add this.
So it requires a fair amount of work :slight_smile:

We’ll have to be patient©

Maybe if a feature doesn’t work, it shouldn’t be announced as " Why is this so awesome?" for the respective app?

Please read the thread carefully. The timeline works, as stated. The sorting is not implemented.

Hello @skjnldsv. We have the app installed in our institute’s NC
installation but we cannot see anything that looks like a timeline. IMHO
a tiled view of images sorted descending by modification time is not a

I can totally understand that you have a different vision. But coming here and stating a feature is broken because it doesn’t suits you isn’t really fair. :confused:
What would qualify as a timeline for you then?

A timeline is a line(!) which you can can follow e.g. with a mouse or a
slider or other UI means and which shows you images taken at the
currently selected/hovered time.

Or - from a dictionary -: “A graphical representation of a period of
time on which important events are marked”. The “important events”
being the images in our case.

Done for Nextcloud 21

Here you go

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