How to Get Synced Folder


im trying to use the cmd.cpp to get the synced folder then to find a way to pause the syncing using the CLI, so in order to do that i need to call the function [folder()] from FolderMan.cpp ( then from folder i should call the function setSyncPaused() from Folder.cpp
my problem that the instance of the FolderMan is always empty although im logged in through the command line and provided the synced folder using the arguments, and i can return AccountPtr and get the account status from it, yet always the synced folder is null from where ever i call it, and since i’m using CMD i only have one synced folder, so it should be easy. How to solve this problem?
NOTE: the command line im using is:nextcloudcmd.exe -u [user] -p [pass] --poll-freq 30 [local_nextcloud_folder/Documents] http://***************

You better join IRC channel for such questions. Devs are not here very often.

can you please give me the link for it? since i don’t know that channel

Are you familiar with IRC?

Get a client, join freenode and join Nextcloud channel. There are the devs.

no actually im not familiar with it, i used to use this forum back when i was dealing with NextCloud server