How to get started - blog

I wrote a blog about getting started with Nextcloud app development using the new app scaffold tool in our app store. Hope it helps!

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I did not follow the tutorial, I just wanted to read about the process, but I don’t understand the “Start with the app” paragraph :frowning2:

I launch my browser, got to the URL and then what happens? Do I download the skeleton used in the next step?


i have created an app with this app generator and copied it…
i can’t find it in my app store, and if i try to install it with the console i get an error:
App ‘MyApp’ could not be installed!

and in the log is a record:
Could not read app info file for app “MyApp”

did you know why the sample app doesn’t work?

Why does it need to be camel case? How does one camel case a title like “a really great app”

AReallyGreatApp isn’t allowed. (example title, obviously)