How to full install Ubuntu + nextcloud data store on iscsi drive

I want to install a Ubuntu server with nextcloud but put user data on iscsi lun , have you a full document?
And if then I need to expand data user iscsi lun?

Iscsi lun on netapp cdot.

I need to test nextcloud before buy full Enterprise Solution.


mount your iscsi lun to

# data dir
nc_datadir           = /var/nc-data

before you run the playbook.

this is not a nextcloud question. follow the netapp docs and how to grow fs on ubuntu.

Hello, ok, on netapp I know how to expand vol, lun, I ask if next cloud detect the new size ir if had to run some command.

I’m going to play a while and see how it works.


it’s an os thing. nextcloud doesn’t care. if grow the fs everything is fine.

Ok, thanks!!