How to follow shared folder?


for a long time I’m looking for one functionality in Nextcloud and It’s possible there is an app or option to do it and I just can’t find it.

So what I’m looking for?
I’m looking for ability to subscribe or follow shared folder without the need to create an account on nextcloud server

How this should work?

  1. I generate a link to shared folder
  2. Send it to someone (without nextcloud account)
  3. The user subscribes to folder, so it could get notification mail when new file appears in shared folder (without creating the account)
  4. The user gets mail when new file appears in the folder and just clicks on the link in the mail (this could be sent only once a day) and be redirected to the folder

Why I’m looking for this?
This is the last thing that is blocking me from moving my photos from Google photos to Nextcloud. I have several friends, who are subscribed to my folders and I don’t want to lose this functionality and don’t want to create account for everyone who I just want to share the continual album with. I didn’t found this functionality in any photo gallery you can host by yourself and still waiting till I see this in the Nextcloud.

Otherwise the Nextcloud is awesome and it helped me to get rid of plenty of 3rd party services. :slight_smile: