How to fix quota

Hello everyone :slight_smile: ! I want to know how i can fix the default quota (by examplen, when a user register, he got “unlimited”… I want by example 5GB or 10GB

Thank a lot,

(I have the registration app installed)

You can use the Group Quota app and assign a quota to all new users by default. If this solves the question, please select “Solved” on the forums options. Thanks.

Thank @just but it looks this app need a console to work… My OVH web-hosting don’t provide any console … So i don’t know how to enter commands like this:

curl -u admin:admin -H ‘OCS-APIRequest: true’ -X POST -d ‘quota=2GB’

Try to install the OCC Web app, which allows you to execute occ commands on the console. You can find the relevant occ commands in the documentation of the Group quota app.