How to extract rar files?

Hi everyone. How to decompress rar file? I use extract to unzip. It shows :rar extension or Unrar is not installed or available debug (127) array. I installed nextcloud (image: wonderfall / nextcloud) through docker. I have installed unrar( sudo apt get install Unrar) on the host, but it has no effect. i try to enter the container to install, run the command:docker exec - it home_ nextcloud_ 1 / bin / bash, it displays exec failed: container_ linux.go:349 : starting container process caused "exec: " / bin / bash \ “: stat / bin / bash: no such file or directory”: unknown . how to solve this problem, thank you very much!

Two options, one is that you install unrar in your container by running the following command. The second one is that you add unrar into the basic image.

The first option is a temporary option that you could use to verify things will work. My base image is nextcloud:fpm-alpine and I use docker-compose.

  1. Attach to the container: docker exec -it your_next_cloud_container /bin/sh
  2. Install unrar in your container: apk add unrar

The second option is add RUN apk add unrar to your docker file, which is better.