How to extend a nextcloud app

Hi, I’m developing a nextcloud app that integrates my company’s processes within the nextcloud flow. I currently use the APIs of the individual apps that require an HTTP cURL with username and password in clear text. HTTP cURL works fine, but the question is:

Is there a way to access to the API with the current logged in user, without include password in clear text?

Thanks for your help.

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Try posting this to the Flow app directly.

@staff where is the category for Flow app, which used to be called Workflow? Please add it as a category to this forum.

I apologize I was not precise in the request, I give an example to better explain my problem:
I created a nextcloud app that shows my company’s data, from that app I would need to create deck cards and calendar activity by clicking on a custom button. This works through cURL but I would like to be able to do it with the credentials of the logged in user and I don’t know the password of the current user.
Is there another way to create a nextcloud deck card from another nextcloud app with the current logged in user?

Getting starting page with lots of dev links on extending an app.
App development documentation for best practices.
Here is the documentation on Deck’s API.
Here is the project GIthub, which I would ask directly with these sorts of technical questions. Be sure to link between there and this forum if you end up asking questions. Be sure to use search to look through past issues which are both open and closed.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I had read the documentation but not found a section that clearly explains the steps.
This is what I got:

use OCP\AppFramework\App;

$app = new App(‘deck’);
$container = $app->getContainer();

$mapper = $container->query(

$card = $mapper->find(‘41’);

print_r($card); // ERROR: Allowed memory size of … exhausted …
print_r($card->getTitle()); // OK!

Is there a method to print the complete object with all fields (load the full entity)?

Thanks for your help.